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PU Kits Terms of Use

(c) 2013 by Elisabeth

Hi- I hope you have a really good day!

Thanks for downloading my freebie. 


• Kits are for Personal Use. 
*You may make free web sets for distribution on your website.
*You may make free blog wear to give away as FREEBIES
*You may make free tags or quickpages for offer in groups or on a website
*You may make free printable  for offer on your website.
*You may make free stationary, candy wrappers, book covers, notecards or other print work, providing they are given away and no monetary gain is made. (charity use except)

In few words, you got this kit free, you can use this kit to make FREE products, printed or digital, but you can sell products you make for charity causes (money is not for you). Hope that makes sense.

*You may not offer them in any other graphics collection, on a website, or individually,  either for sale or free.

*You may not use any graphics from this kit to create defamatory, obscene, immoral works or for any other purpose which is prohibited by law.

*You may not offer these items on any web site as downloads or send them through any illegal file sharing groups, forums etc.

*You may  alter any graphics but you may not claim altered graphics as your own. 

If your friends would like a copy, please direct them to http://carteschezbluecat.blogspot.com/ or  http://chezbluecat.blogspot.com/ for them to download.

Credit is not required but always appreciated. Thanks.

Most of all - Enjoy


Elisabeth    (eli.le@laposte.net)

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