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vendredi 15 février 2013

Amazing Love Triune Blog Train


I made a little kit for the Triune Blog Train. Another great color palette to work with.
Here are all the participants:
Here is what I made:
Don't forget the card and dominoes game with the same palette.

 If you lose your way, head back to the Train Station at Sairi's blog!

Oh! I have three others papers for you and elements. I'll upload them soon, you'll have the link tomorrow.

6 commentaires:

Yobeth a dit…

What a lovely contribution to the Triune Blog train. Thank you so much!

Stephanie a dit…

I look forward to this blog train each month and this month had an amazing color palette!
Thank you very much for your part. Have a blessed weekend! <3

Rosemary a dit…

What great additions to the Blog Train. I particularly like the mother with child. One of the most meaningful trains I have had the pleasure of downloading!

Natalie, Kyle, Jacob, Dylan and Hunter a dit…

Merci pour votre creation! J'aime especialement la mere avec enfant. Tres jolie! Merci beaucoup!

R a dit…

Wonderful work! Thank you for taking the time to create this kit and for sharing it with us. :)

jobee a dit…


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