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mercredi 1 avril 2015

April Showers free kit

J'ai à nouveau participé au futur blog train de SNP et comme le mois dernier, j'ai fait beaucoup plus que ce qui était demandé. Donc, je vous présente l'add-on ;)
Don't forget to come back on the 15th of April to get the part of the SNP blog train.
Here is the preview:
I have a QP for you. You can find it here.
I made a bookmark with these kits. You can find it here

7 commentaires:

Amanda Wait a dit…

Thank you so very much. I love it. It is lovely. ♥

makeyesup a dit…

Beautiful, thanks and Happy Easter

Stacey a dit…

Happy Easter! love the kit, it's fantastic! thanks so much!

Rosemary a dit…

Very sweet kit - thank you for sharing!

Arlene a dit…

Wow, you outdid yourself. Thank you so much.

Mary Presley a dit…

Love the cloud, umbrella, bird and watering can!! The frame is so pretty!! Love the pearls!!! Gorgeous papers!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

R a dit…

Thank you :)

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