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vendredi 1 mai 2015

Pixel Scrapper May Blog Train

C'est la première fois que je prends part au blog train de Pixel Scrapper (Marisa me bloquait en effet sur le forum). Le thème est Renewal.
Pour retrouver tous les kits que les designers vous offrent, allez sur le forum de PS ici.
Here is the final list of all the participants.
Donc, voici ce que j'ai fait.

11 commentaires:

Cesc Worthy a dit…

Such a pretty array of flowers, hearts and critters. I love the multicolored paisley paper. Thanks so much.

gypsymonkeyscrap a dit…

Thank you for the lovely kit!

OklahomaDawn a dit…

so beautiful, thank you!!

Mary Presley a dit…

Gorgeous!!! Love the colors!!! The hearts are all so pretty!! Love the tree with the heart leaves!!! The frames are lovely!!! The flowers are so pretty!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Crystalnva a dit…

THANK YOU bunches :)

HypnoDebbi a dit…

Thank you so much. This is gorgeous. I love the bows, the butterflies and the other little critters!

Lis a dit…

Gorgeous kit! Thank you very much!!

Pam K a dit…

Thank you for sharing this lovely kit! Love all the hearts; especially the tree!

Shannon a dit…

Lovely - love the cutout hearts and the heart tree. The little caterpillar is so cute! Thank you.

Stacey a dit…

thanks so much for your awesome renewal mini! finally grabbing the blog train!

Amanda Wait a dit…

I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you so very much. :) ♥

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